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Peng Cheng Cloud Brain II Ranked the Top on AIPerf500 List

Date: 2020-11-17 Source:PCL

The AIPerf500 List, an international ranking for artificial intelligence computing power, was released by ACM SIGHPC China at the 2nd China Super Computing Conference (ChinaSC 2020) which was held in Beijing on November 15, 2020. The “Peng Cheng Cloud Brain II” installed at the Peng Cheng Laboratory ranked at the top on the 2nd AIPerf500 List with 194,527.5 Tops AIPerf Performance, showing the edge of the Peng Cheng Cloud Brain II cluster in AI computing power over other systems.


The “Peng Cheng Cloud Brain II” was developed and placed into trial operation in October 2020. The AI computing subsystem of the Peng Cheng Cloud Brain II, which is composed of 4,096 AI processors, is capable of providing a theoretical peak AI computing performance of 1E OPS FP16 and 2E OPS INT8. Its general computing power comes from the 2,048 ARM CPUs, with each CPU’s general computing power exceeding 0.49T Flops.


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