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    The Research Center for Network Communication focuses on building future network and communication technologies and accelerating the construction of new network communication facilities such as industrial Internet, energy Internet and space Internet. It aims to establish a national-level network test bed, promote future network and communication core technology breakthroughs and test verification. It will provide core technical support for building a number of national strategic goals such as network power, transportation power, digital China and smart society. 

    Based in Shenzhen, the Research Center for Network Communication also serves the local service and supports the future regional network construction of Guangdong, Shenzhen and the Greater Bay Area (GBA). 

    The large-scale scientific installation of the “Future Network Test and Application Environment of the Greater Bay Area”, which is built by the Research Center for Network Communication with Shenzhen as the center and covering 13 cities in GBA, will provide key support for scientific research and technological innovation in GBA.

    The power strategy of radiating the ocean and serving the national ocean is led by the Research Center for Network Communication. The ocean stereo communication network constructed for the large area and space-time span of the ocean will explore new communication network architectures and technologies applicable to the marine environment, construct a stereo communication network demonstration test system for the ocean, conduct multidisciplinary cross front research and major basic scientific research and collaborative innovation, break through the major core theoretical issues of ocean communications, lead the future academic development direction and promote the transformation and industrialization of scientific research applications.

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