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     The Research Center for Artificial Intelligence is a major science and technology project for the development of national new generation artificial intelligence. Its purposes are to build a national-level basic open source platform for artificial intelligence, to create an ecological environment to support the national artificial intelligence industry and its technological development, and to serve for the major applications in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Greater Bay Area. It attracts domestic and foreign resources on artificial intelligence science and technology so as to effectively enhance the regional leading position and innovation strength of scientific research.

    According to the Lab’s establishment plan, the first batch of projects in the Research Center for Artificial Intelligence  will be based on the cloud brain open source platform, involving applied research related to intelligent transportation and smart healthcare.

    The Intelligent Transportation Project aims at establishing major strategic requirements of the national intelligent transportation. It will set up an intelligent urban traffic analysis engine which covers the whole process from original multi-sources traffic information as the input to the traffic decision making as the output, thereby significantly improving the traffic efficiency of urban residents.

    The Cloud Brain Intelligent Healthcare Project involves research into four aspects: gene data compression & recognition, medical image recognition & diagnosis, medical knowledge mapping & natural language processing, and intelligent health care application platform, thereby establishing an intelligent diagnosis and treatment system for Chinese people.

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