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Global Recruitment for Director and Senior Researchers of Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area Institute for AI Research

Date: 2020-05-20 Source:PCL

Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao (GHM) Greater Bay Area Institute for AI Research is a new category scientific research institution registered in Shenzhen, China and managed by the Peng Cheng Laboratory. The Institute is located in the Futian District within the Special Zone of the “river-bank area of Shenzhen River”. This Special Zone enjoys its geographical proximity with Hong Kong at the other side of Shenzhen River. More importantly, this Special Zone has been granted preferential policy in individual financial benefits. The vision of this Institute is to become an internationally renowned research institution, taking full advantage of its location in Shenzhen as a technological innovation hub, its proximity to recognized open economies in Hong Kong and Macao, and its culture to engage in international collaborations.

We cordially invite both nominations and applications from the worldwide scientific community for the Institute Director position. We sincerely hope to receive the attention of top AI scientists from both academia and industry. We are open to negotiating with selected individual a top remuneration commensurate with qualification and experiences. We expect that the Director of the Institute should be:

  1.   1. A top AI scientist who has already established renowned international reputation;
  2.   2. A strategic scientist who is visionary in AI research and has been recognized by peer scientists;
  3.   3. A farsighted leading researcher who can create new AI research directions of global impact;
  4.   4. An effective manager of research projects with proven success of project management skills;
  5.   5. A charismatic leader capable of attracting top talents to build world-class research teams;
  6.   6. A strong advocate capable of leading institutional efforts to incubate or transfer scientific research into new products and new service to cultivate the industrial development in the GBA (Great Bay Area);

  7.   7. A passionate executive who understands deeply the distinctive importance and mission of the GBA and strategically position the Institute in line with the overall GBA development path.

We are also recruiting Senior Researchers for this new Institute. We expect the candidates for Senior Researcher position to have already earned PhD degree in areas related to AI and have accumulated independent research experiences as evidenced by publications in top international journals and conferences in AI.



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