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PCL Signed Strategic Agreement with University of Chinese Academy of Sciences

Date: 2021-01-26 Source:PCL

January 25 witnessed the establishment of strategic cooperation between PCL and University of Chinese Academy of Sciences (UCAS). On behalf of each party, PCL’s Director, Academician Wen Gao, and President of UCAS, Academician Shushen Li signed the Cooperation Agreement.

PCL, as an emerging and strong national scientific and technological force in network communication, focusing on the national strategic tasks and technological needs in the field of broadband communications and future networks. PCL will strive toward the goal of enabling China to develop into a science and technology global power. UCAS has a comprehensive academic discipline system, a great number of experts in basic research and applied basic research of information technology, extensive scientific and educational resources and a strong international cooperation platform. It has been committed to cultivating scientific and technological innovation talents and serving China’s innovation-driven development. PCL and UCAS have common ground and complementary advantages for the strategic cooperation and sharing of resources.

In line with the Agreement, PCL and UCAS will carry out a series of in-depth cooperation in the fields of broadband communications and future networks, including building a new major national S&T innovation platform together, undertaking major national research projects, exploring flexible mechanisms for talent pooling and training, and innovate schemes suitable for the strategic development of the Lab. The two parties also signed an agreement for the joint training of doctoral student as an annex to the Strategic Cooperation Agreement. Drawing on the strength of the well-rounded education and teaching model of UCAS, PCL will enroll doctoral students, and explore the new mechanism for cultivating doctoral students jointly by the Lab and top universities, in order to nurture more outstanding talents for society.

PCL and UCAS will jointly promote research and achieve breakthroughs in the frontier and core technologies in the related fields. They will further strengthen and innovate the government-industry-academia-research-application collaboration mode, optimize the allocation of scientific research forces and the sharing of resources, address the key technological challenges, and improve the overall efficiency of the innovation chain. This cooperation agreement is expected to be an important step to further strengthen the national strategic S&T power, and accelerate the transformation of China from the role of a follower to a world-leader in S&T innovation.

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