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PCL and China Telecom Established Strategic Cooperation Relationship

Date: 2021-01-26 Source:PCL

The signing ceremony of the strategic cooperation between PCL and China Telecom, one of the three largest telecom operators in China, was held via video links between Shenzhen and Beijing on January 22, 2021. Wen Gao, Director of PCL and Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, and Ruiwen Ke, Chairman of China Telecom, attended the ceremony. On behalf of both parties, Professor Peng Zou of PCL, and Liu Guiqing, Deputy General Manager of China Telecom, signed the Cooperation Agreement.

Through this Agreement, the two parties will foster their individual advantages to comprehensively deepen their cooperation in technological innovation. They will jointly build the new National Major Scientific and Technological Innovation Platform, explore the novel research mechanism, build high-caliber international team and share high-quality resources, and strive to establish a scheme for joint training of master’s and doctoral students, as well as the enterprise technical training system. China Telecom will also proactively promote research of the frontier core technologies with PCL in the field of network communication.


Director Wen Gao delivered a speech and expressed his gratitude for the great support from China Telecom since PCL’s establishment. He emphasized that as an emerging national scientific and technological force in network communication, PCL focuses on the original scientific research and core technology development in the related fields. It is expected that both parties will aim at overcoming  industry’s technical insufficiency, taking initiative to explore the key technologies in the future industry competition, bring together core enterprises in the industry to jointly innovate and serve the major needs of national and regional developmental scheme through in-depth cooperation.


Chairman Ruiwen Ke of China Telecom noted that China Telecom and PCL have made remarkable progress in the key projects and construction of network facilities by taking their complementary advantages. The past joint work has laid a solid foundation for this cooperation. The two sides will continue to carry out more and more in-depth cooperation in a variety of forms in the areas of network communication and integration of cloud network.


Subsequently, Professor Peng Zou recalled the last visit to PCL by China Telecom team led by Chairman Ruiwen Ke with fond memory and expressed that PCL’s relevant departments and centers will take initiative to carry out project cooperation, proactively implement the Agreement, and strive to establish a benchmark for strategic collaboration. Guiqing Liu, General Manager of China Telecom also expressed that both parties take this signing as a new takeoff, and continue to promote the scientific research, mechanism innovation, and construction of scientific research platforms and network facilities.


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