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Strategic Cooperation Agreement Inked by PCL and Peking University

Date: 2021-01-25 Source:PCL

The signing ceremony of strategic cooperation between PCL and Peking University was held on January 8.

According to the agreement, the two parties will focus on broadband communications and future networks, give full play to their respective advantages and jointly build an innovation platform to carry out all-round scientific and technological innovation, novel measures for recruiting talents, and share more high-quality talents drawing on the strength of the creative “dual-appointment” mechanism. The two parties plan to establish the “College of Information and Communication Engineering” in Shenzhen to enroll doctoral students, and explore the new mechanism for cultivating doctoral students jointly by PCL and top universities, drawing on the strength of both sides. 

Additionally, PCL and Peking University will also proactively promote the research aiming at achieving breakthroughs in the fields of broadband communications and future networks, gaining the technological edge for China in communications by addressing the cutting-edge and core technological challenges through transformative science and technology solutions.

PCL is a strategic S&T force for helping China to build into a cyberspace global power and a digital country, enhancing China’s technological advantages in network communication, and ensuring the national network and communication security. Peking University is the cradle for training high-quality and innovative talents, and an important bridge for international exchanges of the cutting-edge knowledge and research. PCL and Peking University have maintained a good relationship and laid a solid foundation for fruitful cooperation in technological innovation, key projects, academic researches, talent introduction and cultivation. This strategic cooperation is an important step for both parties to open a new chapter for deeper exchanges, resource aggregation, and integration of mutual strengths, in order to achieve win-win development. The two parties will jointly undertake major national strategic tasks in scientific and technological development, explore new mechanisms, new platforms, and new models for collaboration, aiming at achieving the leapfrog development as a national strategic scientific and technological force in the field of network communications.

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