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Multiple Research Scientist Positions in Peng Cheng Laboratory, Shenzhen

Located in the Nanshan District of Shenzhen, the Peng Cheng Laboratory (PCL) is a new scientific research institution founded in March 2018. PCL is committed to pursuing breakthroughs in the three research directions in communication, networking and intelligence, and dedicated to achieving an ultimate goal of harmonious integration among human society, information space and the physical world. It will proactively undertake large-scale national strategic tasks in scientific and technological development and will make great efforts to serve as a key pillar for the national research power house in the field of information technology. More information could be accessed via

Our Advantages: 

  •    1. National research platform centered on network communication with a number of major scientific facilities, including the well-know “Peng Cheng Cloud Brain”; 

  •    2. Generous support to outstanding researchers with a long-term funding scheme;

  •   3. Supportive policies to help outstanding talents to build their own research groups, including quota for doctoral students, postdocs and technical specialists;

  •    4. Outstanding graduate programs in cooperation with top universities and open to international scientific community;

  •    5. A new research campus with a total planned land area of 136 hectares is under construction.

Position Specification

PCL is inviting global talents to fill multiple full-time research scientist positions at all ranks in broadly defined fields of network communication. Applicants in the following areas are particularly welcome: Electronic and Communication Engineering, Information and Communication Engineering, Computer Science, Electronic Science and Technology, Cyberspace Security, Optical Engineering, Artificial Intelligence, High-performance Computing, Integrated Circuits, Mathematics, Statistics, and Operational Research. 

Qualified candidates should have obtained a Ph.D. degree and preferably have gained postdoctoral training or industrial experience. Junior applicants must demonstrate his/her high potential to enhance PCL research missions. Senior applicants must have a well-established record of research accomplishments, scientific creativity and leadership in the externally funded and highly visible research programs. Successful candidates are selected based on their scientific merits, regardless of gender, nationality, and race.

Salary and Fringe Benefits

Start-up fund and salary will be comparable to international standards, and commensurate with experience and accomplishments. Subsidies from various government-sponsored talent programs will also be made available for eligible candidates. Package of fringe benefits includes health insurance, housing benefit and dependents’ education. 

Application Procedures

Interested applicants should email a full CV, list of representative works (up to 5 items), statement of research interests and future research plan, together with the names of three references to Applications will be considered until the posts are filled. Nomination is also highly welcome. If you have any questions, please reach us via email.

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